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In this folder you will find the images that you can flash your routers with.
Remember: These images were autogenerated (rev r481) as they are part of a 
development process. As such they might not be as stable as you wish. If you 
are looking for images that you can use in a productive environment check our 
stable releases.
The open-mesh-flash-ng that you find in this folder has this build's kernel
and rootfs file embedded to facilitate the installation process. To make use 
of the embedded files run the flash utility without specifying the kernel or 
rootfs file.
Linux users should download "open-mesh-flash-ng". It does not need the libpcap 
to run and should work across all linux distributions without the need of
installing special libraries.
Windows users will have to download the "open-mesh-flash-ng.exe" file and 
install winpcap in addition to that as the utility depends on it.

How to flash my device ?